We can offer ship supply and service in All Turkish ports, especially in Bosporus Transit.The highest quality and best terms are guaranteed for the marine supply

Navi Maritime consultant to foreign companies to who interest to Turkish Marine market for sale their own products and serve to search out any local distubitor/agency or sales company in Turkey
Navi Maritime which was established with the aim of chemical and shipping industrial need of foreign countries or importing goods from worldwide or transit trading for third party

Chemical Test kit

After the tank cleaning,

the crew have to check tank cleaning conditions for next cargo. Navi Maritime presents wall wash test kits for checking tank cleaning performance as hydrocarbon test, acid wash color test, potassium permanganate time test and chloride test.

Marine Potable Water Test Kit

Under the new MLC 2006 which applies from August 2013,

you’ve now got to do regular comprehensive documented testing of your ships drinking water supplies. The requirement can at first seem confusing due to the different requirements of the various rules/regulations & policies of Flag Administrations.


The Marine Care Passivation Test Kit

is an easy and economical test kit to determine the Passiveness of austenitic stainless steel. Stainless steel is protected from corrosion by a thin layer that consists mainly of chromium oxide. Oxygen from the atmosphere is normally able to form and maintain this passive layer.


VARIO – Lube Oil Test Kit for 3 different tests

The ALWAVIS CHECK provides your ship with its own analysis equipment and allows efficient and accurate onboard testing of the condition of the engines lube oils - preventing possible malfunction or even catastrophic damage.

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