Coating Barrier Chemical

Coating Barrier Chemicals are a water based environmental barrier which accelerates the removal and cleanliness of cargo residues after discharge, which prevents the corrosive effects and the deterioration of the paint, which is used to protect the burial surfaces and the bottom of the hatch cover from corrosive load residues


It creates a temporary film layer on the surface of the locker, allowing the discharge process to be faster. Brimstone, salt, sulphide, coal and coal are removed with the help of the smelting layer which creates harmful effects which can be caused by corrosive cargos such as dust, cement. All coatings are suitable for use on painted surfaces, chrome, iron and stainless surfaces. The micron-level pores in the wall of the locker can absorb load particles and make cleaning impossible after discharge. The micron-level coating on the product prevents absorption by the surface of the crown and allows cleaning including pressurized water after evacuation. The product can also be applied with the purpose of protecting the deck exposed to the load during evacuation.


UNITEDCHEM-MPD is used by direct spraying without dilution. Care should be taken that the locker surfaces are clean and dry before the product is used. It is sprayed on the prepared surface to apply single coat with low pressure spraying equipment. With 1 lt product, 15-20 sqm area will be covered. Before loading, make sure that the product sprayed on the surfaces is dry. For delicate cleaning, you can clean the warehouse walls with 2-5% solution of UNITEDCHEM ALC / PLUS or UNITEDCHEM- SAFE / PLUS after the load is discharged.


Solubility: Completely Water-Soluble Storage Temperature: -5 and 30 °C Water Dilution Rate: Concentrated Chemical Material Storage: Storage period is 3 years