Concentrated Tank Cleaner with Neutral pH


Concentrated Tank Cleaner with Neutral pH; It is a safe, highly consistent, concentrated locker and cargo tank cleaner with neutral pH



Concentrated product used for cleaning loads such as lub oil, mineral oil, crude oil, fuel oil etc. Heavy loads result in single washings when passing through sensitive loads. Cleaning is also completed without the need for a hydrocarbon cleaning application. It does not contain harmful substances such as solvent, caustic, nonyl phenol ethoxylate. Due to its neutral pH, it can be safely used on all kinds of surfaces (zinc silicate, aluminum, galvanized etc. It removes the bad smells that have formed in the tanks. It is suitable to be mixed with fresh water and sea water. Sea water has no effect on the reduction of product foam.


The dilution rate varies depending on the contamination rate of the surface to be cleaned.


Depending on the pollution rate of the surface to be cleaned, 0.2-0.4% of the chemical solution is prepared in a suitable tank. With the help of heater 50-60°C temperature is provided. With the help of the circulation system, the circulation process is provided for 3-4 hours depending on the amount of pollution on the surface. When preparing the water + chemical solution, the pipeline pump capacity and the water volume of the solution tank should be considered. Rinse with plenty of water after cleaning.


0.1-0.2% chemical solution prepared by direct injection method is shipped to the tank. If the water temperature is 50-55°C, the results will be better. Cleaning time is 2-3 hours for 1 tank. After cleaning, rinsing operation should be carried out with fresh water.


It is suitable for use with spray, brush and sponge. Depending on the pollution rate on the surface to be cleaned, it is possible to dilute the product up to 1/10 ratio. After the product is applied by spray or brush with the help of surface, it should be kept for 30 minutes and rinsed with plenty of water.

It is suitable to use by mixing it with caustic or other alkali products in order to increase its effect during product usage. It can also be used by adding acid in the cleaning of lime and rust stains.


Solubility:  Completely  Water-Soluble
Storage Temperature:  -5 and 30 °C
Water Dilution Rate:  % 0,1 – 0,2 , 1/10
Chemical Material Storage: Storage period is 3 years

The above mentioned statements are standard cleaning procedures and they may vary based on the physical condition of tanks, lockers and load types.

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