We can provide oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, hydrolic filter, gear filter, motor cooling systems filter and break drier filter.

In addition to these we can supply industrial filters and different types of filters which are being produced by special request.All the brands that we represent have highest level international quality certificates.

NAVI Maritime give the highest level sevice to all areas of Turkey with its efficient selling network. With its perfect understanding of service behaviours, our company is preferred and wanted to serve preemptively.

Air Filters

For trouble-free driving, clean suction air is essential. However, particles, soot, fine powder, etc., pollutants, such as air, are taken with the air. The result: dirt particles enter the combustion chamber, causing entrainment and premature wear.

Oil Filters

Engine oil lubricates all moving and functional parts on the motord. The soot and particles in the combustion chamber mix with the engine oil and increase the viscosity of the oil.

Hydrolic Filters

Hydraulic systems are the most important part of a machine. Hydraulic systems are the most intensive problems that repair is difficult, expensive, does not accept mistakes, and requires a long period of time during repair.