Fuel Oil Treatments


1. Soot Remover – Powder

TRIO-SOOT is a powder catalyst that prevents formation of any soot and slag deposits at the side of fire in the boiler and diesel engine exhaust systems. It removes any deposits by incineration, ensures complete adhesion, and prevents corrosion and rust. Collected residues are cleaned and taken up through sweeping or scrolling. It also improves heat transfer and increases boiler efficiency. For boilers generating 3-9, 10-23, and 24-46 tons of steam per hour the daily powder dosage is 1-3, 3-4, and 4-5 Kg, respectively. Furthermore, for diesel machinery with 10-20 tons of oil consumption the powder dosage is 1,5-3 Kg, while those with 20-50 tons of oil consumption the powder dosage is 3-4 Kg per day.

2. Fuil Oil Treatment

TRIOYAK-10 is a fairly efficient fuel-oil improver. Its fuel components ensure dispersion position, improving combustion quality, prohibiting filter blockage, straining heavy fuel-oil residues, dissolving deposits and sediments, increasing efficiency of combustion process. This product minimizes combustion problem, improving performance of machinery and maximizing physical life of the whole system. It features to be an efficient corrosion inhibitor for fuel system. It also dissolves existing sludge deposits, reducing tank cleaning expenses. The most appropriate method for this product to be absorbed by fuel-oil completely and to provide a homogeneous mixture is direct pouring technique before storing fuel-oil in tanks. Better performance will be obtained if there is a possibility to blend it. The dosage of TRIOYAK-10 is 1 lt for 4-6 tons of fuel.

3. Fuil & Oil Treatments Dual Purpose

TRIOYAK-20 is a combustion improver for heavy fuels in concentrated form. Catalysts contained in this product react will heavy fuel particles and provides full combustion, improving combustion efficiency and supplying maximum energy from fuel. This product prevents formation and accumulation of carbons on combustion surfaces, is fully combustible, reduces smoke amount and formation of exhaust particles, and inhibits acidity and low temperature corrosion. The dosage of TRIOYAK-20 is 1 lt for 1-8 tons of fuel.

4. Vanadium Control

TRIOYAK-30 is a combustion improver and deposit changer in medium and high speed diesel machinery running with heavy fuel-oil. This product reduces sodium, sulfide, and vanadium deposits of corrosive nature in exhaust valve bearings and turbocharger components; minimizes corrosion at low and high temperature; cuts down fuel consumption, saving energy. The dosage of TRIOYAK-30 varies depending on amount of sodium, sulfide, and vanadium contained in fuel. Its ideal dosage is 1 lt for 2-8 tons of fuel.