Water Based Alkali Concentrated Tank Cleaner with Intensive Foam


Water Based Alkali Concentrated Tank Cleaner with Intensive Foam is a water based alkali cleaner formulated for the cleaning of heavy pollution with intensive foam.



It is used in the cargo or storage tanks for cleaning of animal or vegetable oil, mineral oil, fish oil, coal, coal dust, carbon and soot puddle. It is also used for deposit of soot left by inert gases in cargo tanks. It is suitable for usage in stainless or epoxy tanks. It is not suitable for usage in aluminum or zinc alloy tanks.

NOT: Our product UNITEDCHEM-SAFE/PLUS and UNITEDCHEM-CONCENTRATE is suitable for usage in aluminum and zinc alloy tanks.


The dilution rate varies depending on the contamination rate of the surface to be cleaned. In cleaning of vegetable or animal oil, it is advised to start cleaning as soon as possible after discharging the cargo. Particularly in the cleaning of solid vegetable oils and animal oils, prewashing with hot water should not be performed (prewashing with cold water should be done in order to prevent saponification reaction). Hydrogenated oils should be prewashed with hot water.

If sea water is used in the preparation of the cleaning solution, the foam properties of the chemical may be reduced. If sea water is used during the rinsing stage after cleaning, it may cause a risk of corrosion and it is recommended to use fresh water instead of sea water for rinsing.

NOTE: In coal and coal dust cleaning, large parts are first mechanically removed. The post and flag spaces, the tween deck bottoms and the tops are cleaned from the contamination by grinding with the brush.


4-5% solution is prepared for high pollution and 2-3% solution is prepared for less pollution. After the solution temperature is raised to 50-60°C, it is circulated for 3-4 hours. Same solution can be used for 3-4 tanks depending on dirtiness degree.

After cleaning, surface should be rinsed with plenty of water.


Chemical solution prepared with 3-5% ratio, is transferred into Butterworths inside the tank through injection method. Water temperature should be 50- 60°C. Washing operation should be continued for 2-3 hours. After cleaning, rinsing operation should be carried out with fresh water.


The concentrated foamed product is diluted with ½ to 1 / ratio depending on the amount of impurities and then applied onto the pollution with application or brush. The solution should be left on the surface for a maximum of 30 minutes. The solution on the surface must not be allowed to dry in order to avoid saponification reaction during waiting. Rinse with sea water or fresh water after cleaning.


Solubility:  Completely  Water-Soluble
Storage Temperature:  -5 and 30 °C
Water Dilution Rate:  2-5 % , ½ – 1/3
Chemical Material Storage: Storage period is 3 years

The above mentioned statements are standard cleaning procedures and they may vary based on the physical condition of tanks, lockers and load types.

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