Poteble Water Test Kit

Under the new MLC 2006 which applies from August 2013, you’ve now got to do regular comprehensive documented testing of your ships drinking water supplies. The requirement can at first seem confusing due to the different requirements of the various rules/regulations & policies of Flag Administrations. The situation isn’t helped by the confusing way test kits are being offered to the market by various suppliers. We don’t understand why some companies seem to be making it so difficult for you to get your vessels compliant.
That’s why we’ve introduced DRINKSAFETM to offer you the “easy water testing” solution. Developed using feedback from a survey of 8000 marine decision makers, DRINKSAFETM is guaranteed to be the easiest kit to use, includes more tests than all other kits, and is guaranteed to meet all legislation & Class/Flag state requirements in a single kit. Easy!

What The Rules Say You Must Do

MLC 2006 defines you must perform “frequent documented inspections”
World Health Organization Guidelines – “Source water is monitored at the port to ensure that water is safe. The ship’s master is responsible for operational monitoring: quality of source water: disinfectant residuals and pH (e.g., daily); microbial quality of treated water, particularly after maintenance or repairs. The frequency of monitoring should reflect the probable rate of change in water quality. For example, monitoring of drinking-water on ships may be more frequent when the ship is new or recently commissioned, with frequencies decreasing in the light of review of results. Similarly, if the ship’s water system has been out of control, monitoring following restoration of the system would be more frequent until it is verified that the system is clearly under control.”
ILO Convention 78 – “Physically check quality of water at random using different outlets.”

Important ICS Advice

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has issued urgent advice to shipowners to help them pre-empt port state control problems when the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) enters into force, on 20 August 2013
“Regardless of the progress which may or may not have been made by a vessel’s flag state, ships are required to meet the standards in the Convention. ICS recommends you prepare a Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance (DMLC) Part II before 20 August for all your ships, which will serve as evidence that YOUR ship meets MLC standards. To issue a DMLC you must of course have provided potable water test kits for your ships

How You Do The Tests

Chlorine, pH, copper & iron – dissolve test tablet in ampoule of water, put in comparator then read level from the colour disc. EASY!
E-coli, Enterococci – dissolve test material water, incubate, beaker then test for fluorescence with UV lamp. EASY!
Total bacterial count – syringe sample onto petri dish, incubate, then count colonies. EASY!

Why You Should Choose DRINKSAFE

Easiest & quickest test kit to use – GUARANTEED or your money back
Only Full Kit GUARANTEED to meet all legislation & Flag state requirements. More tests as standard than any other kit – lowest average cost per test Whether you decide to buy Martek’s DRINKSAFETM or not, make sure you consider 3 critical things:
If any company tells you those three things aren’t necessary, tell them they are wrong – they’re just trying to get you to buy what they want to sell!


Allows testing of major oil parameters: o viscosity, water-in-oil, base number


By executing the short and easy-to-handle test procedures of ALWAVIS CHECK, nearly instant confirmation on the essential lube oil properties gets achieved, enabling the user you to take effective decisions right at the time when they are required which may extend maintenance intervals or even save an engine’s life.
The following single test equipments may be covered:

Wallwash Test Kit

he Marine Care Wall Wash Test Kit is a complete test kit for performing a hydrocarbon test, PTT time test, chloride test, pH test, a acid wash colour test and stainless steel passivation test. Packed in a UN-approved – heavy duty – poly ethylene box for safe storage. The test kit consists of the following:
Lab Grade Methanol – 8045 (2.5 ltr glass bottle)
Lab Grade D.I. Water (5 ltr)
Potassium Permanganate Crystals – 0.1 gram (5 ampules)
Chloride Standard Solution (500 ml)
Sulphuric Acid Concentrate (500 ml)
Hydrochlorid Acid Concentrate (500 ml)
Standard Solution (250 ml)
Silver Nitrate – 5% Solution (30 ml drop bottle)
Palladium Chloride Reagent (30 ml drop bottle)
pH Strips – range 0-14 (100 pcs)
Cotton Wool
Filter Paper – folded – 100 pcs (Whatman)
Latex Gloves (100 pcs)
eight: 25.2 kg – dimensions: 60 x 40 x 38
Shoe Covers (100 pcs)
Squirt Bottles – 500 ml
Funnel – Round
Funnel – Flat Sided
Pipette – plastic 3ml (10 pcs)
Shaking Cylinders (2 pcs)
Measuring Cylinders (2 pcs)
Nessler Tubes (2 pcs)
Volumetric Flask
Pipette – glass 1ml
Pipette – glass 5ml
Pipette – glass 10ml
Instruction Manua

Pasivation Test Kit

The Marine Care Pasivation Test Kit is an easy and economical test kit to determine the Passiveness of austenitic stainless steel. Stainless steel is protected from corrosion by a thin layer that consists mainly of chromium oxide.
Oxygen from the atmosphere is normally able to form and maintain this passive layer. Contamination, surface defects and imperfections disturb the formation and repair of the chromium oxide layer and reduce the resistance to severe or local corrosion. Therefore it is very important to test if your stainless steel is still passive to prevent corrosion and damage.
The measure of passivation of stainless steel can be determined with a palladium chloride reagent. The reagent keeps colour on good passivated stainless steel. A black spot will appear when the surface has not been passivated correctly. Various qualities of passivation will give graduations of grey shades, ranging from light (acceptable) to dark (unacceptable).

The Marine Care Passivation Test Kit contains

Palladium Chloride Reagent (30ml drop bottle)
Demineralized Water (0.5 ltr)
Squeeze Bottle (500 ml)
Latex Gloves (10 pcs)
Non woven cleaning pads (5 pcs)
Instruction Manual

Weight: … kg – dimensions: 16 x 18 x 20