Aromatic Solvent Based Tank Cleaner

It is a tank cleaner and degreaser which is a mixture of low toxic aromatic solvents.


USAGE AREA Aromatic Solvent Based Tank Cleaner; It is used in crude oil, soot, asphalt, carbon deposits, fuel oil, base oil, petroleum derivatives, tar, refined, mineral oil and fuel cleaning. It is also suitable for inert gas cleaning. It can be used safely on many surfaces including epoxy and sensitive metal


The dilution rate will vary depending on the temperature of the solution prepared to the accumulated amount and the number of tanks to be cleaned. It is recommended to pre-wash with 60°C hot water before cleaning.


Prepare the cleaning solution in an empty slop tank or in a tank immediately adjacent to the pump chamber. The cleaning solution is prepared with 2-4% UNITEDCHEM-TANK. Afterwards, the heater and the tank washing system are assisted by circulating the solution in the tanks. The chemical solution returns to the slop tank from the tank with the leaching cycle tube. It is usually not possible to re-circulate the solution through the tank washing heater (to keep the temperature of the solution constant) without making a temporary connection between the tank and the tank washing pump from which the chemical solution is prepared. The capacities of slop tanks, pipelines and pumps must be carefully calculated so that a sufficient volumetric amount can be achieved in the continuous circulation of the chemical solution. In addition to the amount of chemical solution, a maximum of 3 tanks are fully cleaned with a single chemical solution depending on the condition and size of the tanks to be cleaned. After the cleaning, the tanks are rinsed with fresh water or sea water and a complete result is


0,2-0,5% UNITEDCHEM-TANK (2-5 lt chemical addition of 1 ton of water) is prepared by diluting with water. The solution is sprayed onto the tank walls with the help of the automatic tank cleaning system. Cleaning process is continued for 3-5 hours. Rinse with water at 50-55°C. It is also suitable for use with cold water.


UNITEDCHEM-TANK is sprayed on tank walls in concentrated condition and is expected to react with pollution on surface for 15-20 minutes. At the end of the contact period, rinsing is started from the top of the tank surfaces with the help of pressure machines downward. The rinse water temperature will give the best result at 55-60°C.


The tank to be cleaned is filled with sea water up to 50% level. 0.3-0.5% of the chemical is added. 3-5 lt chemical product per ton of water for 24-48 hours cleaning process is continued. Then the tank is filled with sea water up to 75% capacity and the cleaning process is continued at 55-60°C for 24 hours. Then the tank is emptied, filled with sea water and rinsed. The tank is pressed and evacuated for 24 hours. The rinsing process should be repeated 1-2 times. The above mentioned statements are standard cleaning procedures and they may vary based on the physical condition of tanks, lockers and load types.

Solubility Completely: Water-Soluble

Solubility Completely : Water-Soluble Storage Temperature : -5 and 30 °C Water Dilution Rate : 0,2 – 4 % Chemical Material Storage: Storage time is 3 years